The Cohiba Behike cigar is the flagship of the Cohiba brand. Its flavors and aromas make smoking a luxury experience. You will discover a Cuban tobacco very marked, very intense and very rich available to a privileged few.
The tobacco leaf is a leaf called “medio tiempo” or leaf of strength number 4. It is a small and scarce type of leaf that grows on some of the plants and is found at the top of the tobacco plant grown in the sun. The characteristics are identical to the Behike 52 except that it has a 54 (21.43 mm) wrapper and the length of the cigar is 144 mm. The “Vitola de Galera” is Laguito no 5.
This is a cigar for the informed and experienced cigar smoker. The flavor profile is not only earthy and robust, but also full of delicious nugget nuances, such as traces of cedar notes and the light taste of fine coffee beans.


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