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The Cuaba brand is characterized by the fact that its showcase of Habanos has a very particular shape called double figurado. This brand recreates the style of Habanos that existed in the 19th century, when double figurados became fashionable. A century later, in 1996, this traditional style was revived at the Romeo y Julieta factory. The double figurados, due to the complexity of their elaboration, are at the top of the art of the Torcedor. If only for that reason alone, they deserve to be present in the selection of every self-respecting aficionado. In its beginnings Cuaba offered only relatively small vitolas: Divinos, Tradicionales, Generosos and Exclusivos. Since 2003, three large vitolas have been incorporated: Distinguido, Diadema and Salomón, the latter being one of the most demanded formats at the beginning of the 20th century. Later on, it was discontinued and only in the 1990s was its production resumed, driven by the demand of passionate Habanos smokers. The name Cuaba is an Indian word used by the Tainos at the time Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba. It refers to a bush that had a high combustibility and was used to light cigars during religious ceremonies. "Burn like a Cuaba" became a popular Cuban expression that has been passed from generation to generation, thus reaching our days.
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