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Established in the La Flor de Tabacas de Partagás (now renamed “Francisco Pérez Germán”) in Havana in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagás y Ravelo who already had a long history of manufacturing cigars thanks to its plantation located in the best parts of the Vuelta Abajo region, the premium tobacco growing area. Having earned several gold medals at several international exhibitions in the late 19th century, Partagás became increasingly popular. Upon the death of Don Jaime, the brand was transferred to Cifuentes y Cia, which continued growing the company until the nationalization of the factory, being the second most exported brand out of Cuba. There is also a Dominican Partagas cigar brand that was started after the Cuban revolution. However, the original brand is Cuban Partagas that is mentioned here. Up until today, Partagás is still one of the best-selling Cuban brand, only behind Montecristo with the famous cigars such as the Partagás Serie D No.4, the Partagás Serie P No.2, the Partagás Mille Fleurs and the Partagás Serie E No.2. Partagás cigars are known to be powerful and with rich flavors, and thanks to its wide variety of sizes and shapes, there is surely one that will catch your attention.
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