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Montecristo is the best known and probably the most appreciated brand of Habanos of all times. It forms the benchmark for many Habanos smokers against which other brands are judged. The name comes from the novel “The Count of Montecristo” of Alexandre Dumas. History says that lectors used to read this novel to Torcedores when working. The brand starts as a Line with 5 vitolas: Montecristo N.1, Montecristo N.2, Montecristo N.3, Montecristo N.4 and N.5. Montecristo´s blends are created with the most selected leaves of Vuelta Abajo, totally handmade using long filler. Cigar Aficionados can enjoy the exquisite aromas and flavors of this brand, with a medium to full taste in most vitolas.
Later, it was introduced new range of sizes to please all cigar aficionados. These are the list of the new vitolas over the years to present:

  • Montecristo Edmundo
  • Montecristo Petit Edmundo
  • Montecristo Doble Edmundo
  • Montecristo Media Corona
  • Montecristo Serie Open: Open Junior, Regata, Master and Eagle
  • Montecristo 80th Anniversary
  • Montecristo Dantes Limited Edition 2016
  • Montecristo Línea 1935: Dumas, Maltes and Leyendas
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